Hot on the tails of the Reprodepot is the Wazoodle! I cannot say that word without adding an exclamation point.

This is a great fabric site. They have lots of options and at pretty good prices. In fact, one of the flannels (this cute cow print) I saw at Walmart and it was cheaper than Walmart. Hallelujah. I ordered a very small amount (this was difficult, trust me), of such lovely items as flannel fabric with mice and cheese. Hee hee. See, while I might love the robots mentioned below, I’m not sure I can stomach the cost for diapers. I mean we are talking about shit receptacles here. But four dollars a yard should make between two and four diaper outer layers, so that I can live with. The robots need to be displayed somewhere a little happier.

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  1. Leslie says:

    “We are talking shit receptacles here”


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