Sling Making Goodness

As I mentioned before, I am looking at a new baby carrier for Nathan. I know, like I need a new one. But I do! I swear.

See, right now I have two slings. One “ring sling” and one “pouch”, both from Kangaroo Korner. I love them both and they both serve different purposes. The ring sling was originally purchased to nurse in but, erm, not so easy. but it’s still quite good for carrying Nathan on my hip and general use around the house. It is very comfy as it’s padded. The padding though makes it mucho biggo, so the pouch is my travel sling, as such. It’s slimmer and packs nicely into the diaper bag. When we go on shopping sprees, I just wear it under my coat and pop the baby in and out as we go between shops and the car. Very cool.

With spring and summer just around the corner, however, I very much want to partake in zoo trips, parks, nature walks and gardening, for which a sling is ill suited. I am positive it would throw out my back. So I want something more backpack like, but that won’t cause undue stress on Nathan’s spine.

My current favorite contenders are:

I’m not sure I want to spend this kind of money on something I’m not sure will fit me well, though, so I’m also looking into making my own. I’m pretty excited about the prospect. I would probably put a pocket on the outside for diapering supplies, perhaps one of the fab fabrics from Reprodepot. Toy Robots perhaps? The possibilities are endless.

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2 Responses to Sling Making Goodness

  1. eek says:

    I can’t wait to see a whole generation of twisted hunchback non-Asian-Baby-Carrier backpack babies!

  2. Leslie says:

    Oh.. thanks for the info! I SOOO Need one.

    Also, I need to learn to sew. Bad. I thought it was a passing fancy, but I’m dying to know. You’re so inspiring.

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