Baby Booties, Here I Come

Following up on my comment about baby clothes being made by stupid people, Nathan cannot keep socks on his feet to save his life. You’re not supposed to put shoes on them though so that their feet develop properly for walking. I know, he’s not walking yet, but the boy loves to stand, so I don’t want to hurt his feet!

So it dawned on me that perhaps this is why they invented baby booties and I should make some. Since Hen got me this lovely baby booties book, and the Knit Nook exists and is lovely, I am going to make some and see if they stay on his feet. As an aside, I have never seen such small needles. Holy moly.

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2 Responses to Baby Booties, Here I Come

  1. eek says:

    Bootie time!


    On Sunday, January 30th we will be hosting a benefit for the victims of the recent Tsunami tragedy at The Kentucky Theater on 4th Street. Doors will open at 1:00PM and at 2:00PM we will show the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. invite everyone to bring their knitting or crochet projects as the lights will be low enough to see the movie but bright enough to see your work. (please bring projects that require NO assistance). Admission is $5 at the door and all profits will go to UNICEF for Tsunami disaster relief.

    The Kentucky Theater is located at 651 S 4th in the old Theater Square area. Seating capacity is only 200 so don’t be late 🙂

  2. eek says:

    I’m going, by the way. I’m gonna bite the bullet, tear out all of the fugly wandering stitches and try my scarf again, this time counting.

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