Update to the Second Star Studios site

Blue shawlI have to admit I’m mostly posting this to see what my little icon looks like. That be as it may, my Second Star Studios site pretty much sucks. Why do we never have time for our own Web sites? Sadly this site has languished for yonks. This weekend I decided to put at least SOMETHING there besides one photo and my phone number. So there’s some blurb and more photos which makes it vaguely respectable if lacking in wow power.

This site is not going to draw any sales but at least it’s another step in my shameless promotion of our art and craft fair this weekend! It’s called Art and Inspiration: a craft fair for the mind, body and spirit and will offer a mix of crafts (knitting, jewelry and embroidery) as well as massage, aromatherapy and other health-related booths. You KNOW you want to buy your girlfriend a scarf and a massage gift certificate for Christmas!

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