Company name decided – take two

I had a business meeting with my lovely friend Keith yesterday to brainstorm and decide on a company name. A while back I thought I had decided on ‘Starlite Lane Studios’ but something felt not quite right. So I kept thinking.

And thinking and thinking and thinking. And driving myself nuts thinking some more. And getting nervous because it seems like SUCH a big deal!

A while back I had thought of another name – Second Star Studios. I liked it. But I wasn’t sure.

So Keith and I sat down over lunch, talked about words and meanings and customers and people and ideas… and it’s the only idea that really encompassed everything I and my creations are about. Individuality. Fun. Artistic. Unique. Sophisticated. Glowing. Broad enough to encompass future endeavors but still means something to me.

So that’s it. Second Star Studios it is. Now I finally get to do my paperwork and business plan! I already bought Hurrah!

Thank you Keith!

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