Review – Strings and Strands, Atlanta, GA

I actually visited this store a month or two ago but since I’ve decided to put my reviews of yarn stores online it simply has to be mentioned!

I spent well over an hour in this store just walking in circles, seeing something beautiful and running across the other side of the store to match it with something I’d seen earlier. It’s a rather large store, actually.

There was a fantastic selection and I discovered some new yarns by companies I had seen in the past but discovered they did more than I ever imagined! I had picked up some Berroco Zen at my local Handknitters store, but the color selection was much more vast at Strings and Strands. That was a lot of fun. I had also picked up some Gedifra TechnoHair at Handknitters, but the selection of Gedifra at Strings and Strands was phenomenal. Gedifra now has an affirmed spot in my heart for lovely yarn. They also had a good seletion of Fiesta La Boheme which I have a hard time finding.

The staff were nice enough if not overly friendly. That’s okay though, I like to be allowed to browse at my own pace.

I don’t go to Atlanta all that often but when I do I will definitely go back to Strings and Strands purely for being the store with the largest stock I’ve ever seen!

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