Review – One More Stitch in Cincinnati, OH

This weekend I visited the One More Stitch shop in Cincinnati, OH. It was fabulous.

I love my local shops here but by necessity they do not cover all of my yarn needs. They cannot keep everything in stock that I would like them to!

One More Stitch happened to have two things I was desperately looking for:

1) A particular red colored Charm which I’ve been searching for for over 6 months! Normal price, around 7 each.

2) A good selection of Rowan yarns. These are hard to come by (not to mention expensive) here in the states, and I tried to stock up last time I went to England. That said, I still find myself in need! So I was able to get some nice blue cotton tape to finish off another project that’s been hanging in the wings until I could find the right yarn.

One More Stitch also had some yarns I’ve only seen once. I can’t recall the brand at the moment but it’s not a “normal” brand, looks very hand-put together. It’s lovely though, 30 dollars for 100 yards-ish skein of a metallic, eyelash and varigated width yarn combined. Very pretty colors.

And then there were the yarns I’ve never ever seen in person! Seeing things on the Web just doesn’t cut it, I have to experience the yarns first-hand. These were Colinette which of course I’ve heard of but never played with. I bought two skeins of something called Giotto (I think) which were a gorgeous purple/olive green mixed ribbon. I also bought one skein of a beautiful baby pink fluffy yarn called Isis. Gorgeous stuff.

And finally, I was most excited to discover something to display my scarves on! It’s a bamboo, somewhat oriental looking fancy clothes-hanger type shape, but very beautifully made and not overly expensive. I have lots of ideas for wall-hangings as well which it would be perfect for. So excited.

One More Stitch will definitely make it onto my list of shops worth driving to Cincinnati for, especially with the variety of yarns I can’t get here at home. The owner was at a trunk show but the lady who was there was very helpful and friendly.

My only criticism would be that the yarns were not very well labelled for price.

Overall it was a brilliant visit and I shall return!

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