Review – Carma Needlecraft, Louisville, KY

Carma was the first special yarn store I visited here at home, when I was ready to move beyond the Walmart stuff.

The first yarns I fell in love with and continually return to Carma for are the novelty eyelash and metallic yarns that Carma carries. These continue to be great fun. It’s hard to gauge when to go though because sometimes they have a good selection and sometimes they’ve been completely sold out! It’s very popular stuff.

Carma also has a very small selection of other fancy yarn, like some mohairs and other Berocco yarns. It’s fun but very small and I mostly go there for the novelty stuff, hoping it’s in stock!

Actually one of the best things about Carma is their frequent buyer program. I love that they have one! Warning though, you have to pay in cash to participate.

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