Scarves Galore

There’s a group of artists at work and we’re going to have a booth at a craft fair! I’m *so* excited. This is something I’ve wanted to do since, well, since I realised I had stuff I could sell at a craft fair, but I’ve always been too chicken to even try! I don’t have a huge amount of stock but I am going to knit up some things in the coming weeks and see how they do! I have secret devout hopes that it will go splendidly and I’ll be inspired to enter more craft fairs. How fun.

My mind still secretly dabbles in the possibility of pottery and oh how well that would work as well! Someday i could even have my own studio where I sell all sorts of stuff that I somehow find the time to make – scarves, shawls, soap, pottery… etc. 🙂 How fabulous. I’m so excited.

If anyone wants to buy a scarf I’ll be putting pictures online 🙂

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