I love hobbies, arts and crafts, keeping my hands busy, that sort of thing. (I wish the urge to keep my hands busy extended into cleaning but I can’t be tooo picky!). During the past few weeks I’ve been knitting like a crazy old woman. This oddly enough makes me happy. It’s very satisfying, almost like meditating sometimes, the movements, the pattern, etc. I’ve been making these fantabulous scarves that my aunt insists people will buy. If you make it they will come! So I’m making them. I’ll put pictures up when I have some! They’re all sparkly and furry. V. good.

Also I love pottery but that’s another issue. When we first moved here I had a job teaching at UofL. I thought, I ‘ll teach at UofL and do pottery parttime. (I have a friend who owns a studio where you can rent space). Well I hadn’t considered that we moved here in April of 2001 and UofL didn’t start til August. So I got a second job at Starbucks. I thought I can work two parttime jobs and still do pottery, no problem. Well, Money AND time turned out to be the problem. Simply couldn’t afford it, not without huge sacrifices I wasn’t willing to make (or do to my husband and our one car situation). So it didn’t happen.

Now that I have a new job, I actually have some extra money to spend on hobbies. Hurrah! But now even less time. What’s up with that? So now I’m in a quandry. Do I pay for space to do something I love but will hardly have time to do? (it’s not anywhere near my house or work, not to mention the still present one car situation). Or, do I buy a wheel, put it in the basement, and deal with a lack of supplies, and pay to use someone else’s kiln? I’m just not sure!! I still want to do it but right now knitting is fulfilling some of those needs. So does that mean I don’t really want to do it? I don’t think so.. after all, it’s only a hobby, not my life. At least for now 🙂

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